Day 92 – Book 88: A SMALL HOTEL

This is the story of Michael and Kelly Hays. It tells us of how they met, married, lived and fell apart. 

Michael is a lawyer and an emotionally distant man. He has been raised to believe that simply by “being there” he has expressed his emotions. This is learned behavior from his emotionally distant father. His father also teaches him that saying “I love you” is nothing more than words.

Kelly is a woman who deeply feels and needs to hear the words from her husband but never pushes him to say those three little words. Over the course of their 25 year marriage she begins to despair as she realizes that she needs those words to affirm who she is. This is perhaps due to her father’s emotional distance and mental problems experienced during her own childhood.

We are allowed to see the experiences that have impacted on both Michael and Kelly through numerous flashbacks. One minute Kelly is sitting in a hotel room alone and the next she is at the beginning of her relationship with Michael, and then it is 10 years later or perhaps only a few months in the past. Kelly has left Pensacola FL on her way to a small hotel in New Orleans LA to remember and end it all. This hotel is where Kelly and Michael initially consummated their relationship and returned numerous times over the course of their marriage. Both she and Michael consider room 303 to be their room, and it is here she will end her life without Michael much as it began with him 20+ years earlier.

Meanwhile Michael is suffering from his own personal demons as he reflects on his childhood and marriage. He is only a few miles away in Mississippi, attending a costume ball with his new love interest Laurie. Laurie is 29 years old, only a few years older than Michael’s daughter, and she has romanticized Michael’s need for quiet. Regrettably she doesn’t truly understand him or his inability to say much outside of the courtroom.

The irony is that both Michael and Kelly are more alike than they may know. Even though Kelly confesses to an affair, she never says that she wants her marriage to end. And Michael pushes through the divorce without ever saying that he wants the marriage to continue. To his mind, if Kelly wants to stay she should say so without coercion. Kelly feels that Michael should be able to say those three little words without coercion. 

Mr. Butler has deftly woven a tale of longing that ultimately reveals that men and women are more alike then perhaps they realize. It is sometimes sad without being depressingly so and always realistic. Look for A Small Hotel to be released in July of this year. I’m definitely adding this to my to-be-purchased and read-again lists.

I thank both the publisher Grove Press and netGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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