Casey is a woman on the run. She’s not running from the law or from an abusive relationship, but from her past. We learn that Casey’s husband and son were killed in a car accident. She subsequently learns that their car had known mechanical problems and the manufacturer wants Casey to remain silent. Not really a problem since she doesn’t want to discuss her husband and son with anyone, except possibly her travelling companion, Death or the Grim Reaper.

Casey hitches rides, first from motorcyclists and then from a trucker, and she ends up in Clymer, Ohio – hometown to HomeMaker, an appliance manufacturer. Clymer is truly small-town USA and is suffering from the recent death, supposedly a suicide, of one of its own. The town is also dealing with the idea that almost all of the people in town will soon be unemployed when HomeMaker closes its doors and relocates to Mexico.

Casey is soon embroiled in the personal woes of this small town and tries to help out. She helps her new friend Eric, with this soup kitchen and then with the town’s production of Twelfth Night. She tries to be there for Eric as he deals with the death of his friend Ellen, but this is a town on the edge. The play’s director assumes she is there to watch over him and ensure he repays his gambling debts. The town’s sheriff assumes she must be there for some other nefarious reasons.

Casey and Eric try to determine the true nature of Ellen’s death — murder or suicide. This question becomes even more worrisome when they learn that Ellen had predicted that the town wouldn’t be suffering from the plant closing and that everything would work out. Of course there are lots of little twists and turns throughout the story. There are also numerous discoveries made by Casey and Eric, some personal and others relating to their investigation into the circumstances surrounding Ellen’s death. Regrettably Death doesn’t have much to say in assisting in this investigation, but you often wonder if he is the reason Casey decides to stay in this small town.

Ms. Clemens has written a great mystery with truly interesting characters. I was introduced to Ms. Clemens the author when I was asked to read and review an ARC of  Flowers for Her Grave earlier this month. I was so captivated by the characters in the third book of the Grim Reaper mystery series that I promptly went online and purchased the first in the series, Embrace the Grim Reaper. I can’t wait for the second book, The Grim Reaper’s Dance, to be made available in ebook format so that I can read that as well. 


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