Book Showcase: MIND ME, MILADY

Mind Me, Milady by Anne Rothman & Kenneth Hicks
ISBN: 9781622060269 (ebook)
ASIN: B00IVV22AG (Kindle edition)
Publisher: Barbarian Books
Publication date: November 2013

As the book begins, the life of thirty-five year old Eve Petersen is in upheaval. She is an attorney who is in the process of winding up her recently deceased mother’s law practice, and she has just broken up with her control-freak boyfriend. She now has a new client to protect: a sweet but troubled young woman named Susan, who is struggling to understand both her foggy memories of the past and her constant sense of unease and danger in the present. And, as if all that weren’t enough, Kate herself keeps receiving unsettling phone calls from an Upper East Side serial rapist who has named himself “the Gentleman.” Each time he calls, the Gentleman casually discusses his latest victim in his eerily even, British-accented voice, hinting all the while that Kate will be the next one. 

Read an excerpt:

It was almost noon when he looked out to the street and saw her stepping from the cab. A familiar pounding rush ran through him—a blood rush of fear, of anticipation. 

He could hear her running up the stairs as he had expected she would. She was an athlete, after all, and desperate for this apartment. Rent controlled, one bedroom, East Side, dirt-cheap. Run, Natalie, run. 

On the third floor she saw the door was open and came right in. This was one of the reasons he was drawn to her—her confidence, her self-esteem. There was not a tentative bone in her body. 

“Hello?” she called. “It’s me. Natalie.” She looked around, pleased by what she saw, no doubt; floors newly sanded and stained, walls freshly painted, kitchen appliances all scrubbed clean. For the rent he had quoted her, it was more than a steal. It was highway robbery. And she was carrying cash for a promised “bonus,” as she put it, because a bribe would be so tacky. 

She stepped into the bedroom and heard nothing as he slipped the wire over her lovely head, pulling it tight around her lovely neck. She struggled, but not for long. A knee pressed against the back of her legs forced her to the floor. Lovely legs. 

“Mind me, Milady,” he whispered in her ear in the British accent he affected for occasions like this. “Mind the Gentleman.” 

There was no choice. Denied breath, she was seconds from dying. 

Quickly, he placed a wide piece of tape over her eyes and another over her mouth. Two longer pieces bound her wrists and ankles. Only then did the wire slacken. Air rushed in through flared nostrils. What was she thinking? Was she grateful just to be alive? And how many more times would he have to bring her to the very edge of death before she learned who was in control? 

His hand disappeared inside her jacket. She tried to pull away. A whimper emerged from beneath the tape. 

“Mind me, Milady,” he repeated. “Mind your master.”

About the authors:

Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks first started writing books together while Anne was a student at Bryn Mawr College and Ken was a student at Haverford College — a long time ago, when, as their children like to say, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Ken grew up in Abingdon, Pennsylvania and Anne in both New York City where she was born and in Scarsdale, New York.

In 1973, they began to live in New York City while Ken was attending law school at Columbia University and Anne was working in publishing. They wrote their first novel together in 1976, hoping that it would be a success and Ken would not have to even start working as a lawyer. Alas, that book is still in on the upper shelf of their closet, but they kept at the writing business. In 1984, they published Theft of the Shroud, a novel, through Banbury books, distributed by Putnam. That same year they also published a series of 10 books based on the most popular boy’s and girl’s names, and a book about the stars for children. At this time, Ken stopped practicing law for two years as they devoted themselves fulltime to writing and their children. However, children need to eat and be clothed and go to school, and these things all cost money, so Ken went back to practicing law. Still, they continued to write, and rewrite, and rewrite some more. 

In addition to Mind Me, Milady, in 2013 Anne and Ken published Kate and the Kid, through Wings ePress. Another novel entitled Praise Her, Praise Diana will be published by Melange Press in 2014. A book for middle grade readers called Things Are Not What They Seem will be published by MuseItUp in early 2014 as well. Finally, Anne and Ken have also published two small-format photography books which are available on the Apple iBookstore – Hearts (no flowers) Signs of Love in the Gritty City and Picture Stones.

Between projects, they started a web site In case you were wondering about the address, “R” is for Rothman, “H” is for Hicks, and “71” is the year of their marriage. No secret codes or numerology anywhere. 

Connect with Anne and Kenneth on Facebook.  

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