Guest Post by Author Frances Simone, PhD

The Book Diva’s Reads is very pleased to host a visit by one of my local bookish friends (fellow book club member) and author, Frances Simone, PhD. Dr. Simone is the author of the memoir, Dark Wine Waters: A Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows, soon to be released by Central Recovery Press. Today Dr. Simone discusses the journey from writer to published author. 

In two weeks my memoir, Dark Wine Waters: a Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows, will be published. I feel like a teen about to go on her first date. Excited and anxious. A new chapter of my writing life looms ahead. All is possibility. 

It’s been a long journey from that first draft many years ago, with starts and stops along the way, and so many revisions that I stopped counting. Finally after the last draft, I perfected the requisite query letter (once again many drafts) and sought a literary agent. No luck though I did have a few bites, several requests for the first three chapters and one for the entire manuscript.  Then the long wait,  followed by terse emails informing me to go take a hike.  I felt rejected, just like when Billy Madden tossed me aside for Jocelyn Kelly, the high school homecoming queen. No possibilities there.

Time passed; I regrouped. Should I self-publish? Should I seek out an independent publisher? While pondering these options, serendipity intervened. One day while browsing through the new book section at the library, I came across a book on addiction and recovery published by Central Recovery Press in Las Vegas. Bingo! A possible match. I checked out the website, revised my query, sent it off and waited. A few weeks later, I received a request for the first three chapters. I sent them off and waited. About a month later, I received a request for a proposal. Never having written one, I asked a writer friend for help. Using her proposal as a model, I drafted mine and we revised it together. I sent it off and waited. Another month passed and then I was offered a contract. I felt like a prom queen. To hell with Billy and Jocelyn. 

Time passed. I was assigned an editor. Helen and I worked together on polishing the manuscript for about two months. Thankfully, we were on the same page. Her suggestions were spot on and strengthened the book. I learned a lot during this critical part of the publication process, and I’m grateful to Helen for advice and guidance. Eventually the galleys arrived, another pass at proofreading and an invitation to  sign copies at Book Expo America 2014 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. I felt like a blushing bride. 

In two weeks my book will be launched. I’m excited, as well as anxious about how it will be received. All is possibility once again.

Frances Simone, PhD

About the book:

Dark Wine Waters: My Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows by Frances Simone, Ph.D.
ISBN:  9781937612641 (paperback)
ISBN:  9781937612658 (ebook)
ASIN:  B00L781FG2 (Kindle edition)
Publisher: Central Recovery Press
Publication Date: July 14, 2014

The dynamics of codependency are brilliantly illuminated in this gripping tale, lovingly told, of a marriage destroyed by the husband’s addiction to alcohol. Author and widow, Dr. Frances Simone, describes in vivid prose the progression of both her relationship with husband Terry from its earliest beginnings to the progression of his disease through all its stages. She recounts his attempts at treatment and subsequent relapse, his suicide, and her own recovery through a twelve-step program for families.

About the author:

Frances Simone, PhD is a recently retired professor emeritus from the graduate college of Marshall University in South Charleston, West Virginia. She received her PhD from Duke University, and she has served on the board of the West Virginia Humanities Council. Her professional affiliations include West Virginia Writers, Inc. and Story Circle Network. Her essays have appeared in The Voice and The Quarterly of the National Writing Project, the Charleston Gazette, and Writers Digest, The Forum (a twelve-step fellowship magazine).

She currently resides in South Charleston, WV.

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