2015 Book 357: ANGELS SING TO REST by Chrinda Jones

Angels Sing to Rest (An Olivia Gates and Will Green Crime Series, Book#2) by Chrinda Jones 
ISBN: 9780989844215 (ebook)
ASIN: B013F7X40M (Kindle edition)
Publication date: September 2015 
Publisher: Wing and a Prayer Publishing

Detective Sergeant Olivia Gates returns from a two-month suspension, to find her team has gained a new member, her ex-husband has been released from prison, and a 10-year-old street kid has been murdered on her patch of South Dallas. 

Her ex she thinks she can deal with, even when he drags their young son into the mix. The murdered boy with the crushed chest isn’t so easily handled and weighs heavily on her as more street kids are killed with an unimaginable sadistic flare and no discernible motive.

If the continuing body count wasn’t stressful enough, Olivia’s falling out with long time friend and colleague, Doctor Will Green, threatens any hope Olivia had for more than a friendship with the good doctor.

Drugs, gaming, prostitution and sadistic murders lead Gates and her team on a trek through the seamy underbelly of living rough on the streets of downtown Dallas. 

It’s hard enough to come back after a suspension when you’re a police officer; it’s even harder when your boss was looking to make the suspension permanent. Add in the release of your ex-husband, convicted of attempting to murder you while you were pregnant. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, your first case back is the brutal murder of a young boy from the streets and your beau is seeking to rekindle your relationship. This is exactly what Olivia Gates’ must contend with and more in Angels Sing to Rest by Chrinda Jones.

Olivia Gates had given Will Green an ultimatum and placed their relationship in a holding pattern. Will was unable to fully commit to their relationship due to stressors from his past and Olivia pushed him to deal with the past so that they might have a future. During her suspension, she refrained from talking to Will. Now Will is ready to deal with Olivia and a full-fledged adult relationship. Olivia’s first case upon her return starts out with the senseless murder of a young homeless boy and breaking in a new team member. While she is dealing with this case, her boss, and Will, she also has to deal with the release of her ex-husband, who has decided he wants his parental rights restored. Since his rights were revoked after being convicted of attempting to kill his unborn child and Olivia, it’s doubtful if that’s going to happen, but he’s unwilling to accept the situation. Just when Olivia thinks things can’t get more complicated, there’s a fire in a local hospital killing several more teens and the deaths appear to be linked to a new local gang. Can Olivia figure out the gang problem before another killing takes place? Will her ex-husband continue his threats and abuse in order to regain partial custody of their son? Can Olivia and Will ever get their relationship on an even keel?

Angels Sing to Rest is the second installment in the Olivia Gates and Will Green Crime Series by Chrinda Jones. I found it to be a quick and easy read. Olivia is a more than competent police officer, a loving single mother, a dutiful daughter, a fierce friend, and a woman of strong faith. One of the things I enjoyed about this series is that Olivia works very hard to reconcile her job responsibilities with her faith without allowing either to suffer. Will is an enigma; his background has been gradually revealed in the first two books in this series, and the reader is made aware of his previous experience as a police office in the United Kingdom, his resignation from the police force, his subsequent mental breakdown and recovery, and now we learn he grew up in an abusive home and killed his father as a teenager in an effort to protect his mother. Neither Will nor Olivia are wholly good or bad, just two realistically flawed people with the best of intentions trying to make a difference in their little corner of the world. Angels Sing to Rest is a mystery-thriller that offers murder, mayhem, child abuse, kidnappings, abductions, and a hint of romance. If you enjoy reading mystery-thrillers that offer something a little different, then you’ll definitely want to add Angels Sing to Rest (and Darkness Knows Me — book one in this series) to your TBR list.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book for review purposes via Partners In Crime Tours. I was not paid, required, or otherwise obligated to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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