Happy New Year and Thank You

Beginning in November of 2015 I began to see an onslaught of articles and posts about readers’ favorite or top books for the year. I always felt that these articles/posts should be written in 2016 so all the books they’ve read for the year could be included (on the off chance they read something really great in those last few weeks of the year). 

I’ve spent the past few hours debating whether or not I would write a post about my favorite reads from 2015. Listing my top reads is a great way to help promote those books and authors that I enjoyed, but what do you do when you have more than 25 top reads for the year? (You have no idea how long it took to whittle my top reads down to just 30 books.) Do I or don’t I list the top books? I decided not to and to simply provide a link to my Goodreads 2015 reading challenge (this way I get to promote every book I read). 

The only drawback to my Goodreads list for 2015 is that it doesn’t include rereads, especially if you reread a title in the same format during the same calendar year (this happened several times last year when different book groups chose the same title to read). I don’t actually mind rereading a book and realized that 37% of all of the books I read last year were rereads (told you I don’t mind rereading books). For more on my reading habits from 2015, please check my update on the various reading challenges I participated in for 2015.

I consider myself very fortunate that I’ve been afforded the opportunity read so many great books since I started this blog. I’ve been introduced to some wonderful authors, got hooked on some wonderful series, and have found some wonderful book people on and offline. I thought it would be nice to start the year off with some gratitude.

  • Thank you to all of the authors and publishers generosity in providing review copies.
  • Thanks to all of the publicists and book/blog tour companies for tirelessly helping to promote books and authors, as well as introducing me to some great reads. 
  • To all of the organizers of book festivals and authors that participate in these festivals, thank you for your time and hard work. 
  • To the librarians and staff at the Kanawha County Public Library system and at the West Virginia Library Commission, thank you for all that you do and all the books you provide. 
  • To the leaders and members of all of my book groups (online and in real life), thank you for your participation and bookish friendships.
  • To all of my blog readers, thank you for your time and continued support.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading to you all!


Author: thebookdivasreads

I'm a reader, an avid reader, or perhaps a rabid reader (at least according to my family). I enjoy reading from a variety of different genres but particularly enjoy fiction, mystery, suspense, thrillers, ChickLit, romance and classics. I also enjoy reading about numerous non-fiction subjects including aromatherapy, comparative religions, herbalism, naturopathic medicine, and tea.

One thought on “Happy New Year and Thank You”

  1. Hi – I didn't post a list of top books either, mainly because I just wasn't organized enough to do so. But since my New Year's Resolution is to become more organized, hopefully, I'll have said list next year. :)@dino0726 from FictionZeal – Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews


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