Bookish Ramblings: I Have A Problem

Good day, book people. I’m just a bit embarrassed to say this, but I have a problem. Not only am I addicted to reading, I’m addicted to book clubs. I join online book clubs and lurk with no intent to participate. There are a select few that I routinely participate in, but most of them I simply check to see what they are reading each month, add a few of the books to my TBR list, periodically check in on their social media pages, and call it a day. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I’ve done this to more than a dozen online book groups. I jokingly said to a bookish friend of mine that I need a 12-step program for my book club issues. (NOTE: No slight is intended to any 12-step programs. I applaud them all for the help they provide.)

I’m being quite serious. At one point in time (three years ago actually), I was participating in five local book clubs and at least three online book clubs. I eventually left two of the local book clubs. But I felt as if something was missing from my life so I started a chapter of the Silent Book Club (I know, not quite the same thing but it has book club in the title). And then the pandemic hit. For about three-to-four months last year, none of my local clubs were meeting and then two of the three went virtual. I haven’t quite decided what to do about the local chapter of the Silent Book Club just yet. Sorry, it just seems a bit weird to sit and read silently AND be online at the same time (but maybe that’s just me). I enjoy multitasking, but not that much!

Okay, back to the online book club issue. In early December of 2020 I had decided I was going to leave two of my online book groups because I wasn’t participating even as a lurker, but then circumstances changed for at least one group. I didn’t leave either group. It was at that point that I realized I had a serious problem with blithely joining online book clubs I had no intention of ever participating in. I began to count them and ended up with 16. Yes, folks, that’s right, I belong to sixteen online book clubs. Until I counted them a few days ago, I had completely forgotten about a few of them, so that says a lot right there. Out of the 16 that I belong to, there are only about 6 that I routinely check in on or skulk around on social media. I routinely read the email newsletters, check to see what good books they might mention, add these books to my TBR list, and move on with my life. There are only three online clubs that I’m active with at the moment (not including my local clubs that are meeting virtually).

How did I get here? I have a blog and blog required reading (hey, I can’t write the reviews if I don’t read the books). I participate in blog tours and have blog tour required reading (again, if I’m reviewing the book I should probably read it first, shouldn’t I?!). I’m in local book clubs and have book club reading (not required, but strongly recommended). I routinely check out digital books from three different local library systems (hey don’t judge, book diva here). In my spare time, I’m usually “Driving Miss Daisy” or chauffering my 86-y.o. mother around town for her medical appointments, beauty salon appointments, grocery shopping (she refuses to shop online), etc. Needless to say, I don’t have time for 16 online book clubs. So why do I keep joining online book clubs?! I have NO idea!! This is the reason I feel there should be a 12-step program called Book Clubbers Anonymous, to help those of us that keep randomly joining book clubs when we know we can’t or won’t participate.

Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone?? No. Wonder if there’s a book club out there for that issue? Just kidding.

Happy Reading, y’all!


Author: thebookdivasreads

I'm a reader, an avid reader, or perhaps a rabid reader (at least according to my family). I enjoy reading from a variety of different genres but particularly enjoy fiction, mystery, suspense, thrillers, ChickLit, romance and classics. I also enjoy reading about numerous non-fiction subjects including aromatherapy, comparative religions, herbalism, naturopathic medicine, and tea.

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