Book Spotlight: BECAUSE HOME IS… by Chioma Nnani

Because Home Is… by Chioma Nnani
ISBN: 9789785492217 (ebook)
ASIN: B06XC7QY8N (Kindle edition)
Publisher: The Fearless Storyteller Emporium Ltd.
Release Date: March 13, 2017
Genre: Fiction | Short Stories

 Some say that “Everyone is running from, or towards something.” But you run till you get ‘home.’ Everyone wants to go home.

All she’s ever wanted to hear is “Welcome home.” But between narcissistic parents and a recession, is a grafter who’s been told that she’s good for nothing, doomed to become a domestic violence statistic? Or will Cassie find her golden fleece and a home in the entertainment industry?

Felix suffers situational depression, yet has to convince the boss chick he’s been yearning for, that he is full five yards of husband material. But with his secrets hidden in plain sight, her health problems, and all the rumours of blood money, can they find their happily ever after? Or will searching for the truth destroy them both?

When a man from a dysfunctional family doesn’t see eye to eye with anyone who wants to keep him in harm’s way, he’ll stop at nothing to get rid of a gold-digger. When emotional blackmail fails, will Chuks’ broken dreams of meeting ‘the one’ stop him from finding home?

After backlash and notoriety follow a columnist’s latest offering, her radio show unexpectedly becomes a hit. But does Jade have the gumption to transition from radio personality to TV presenter and build a brand in Abuja? Or will the immigrant experience prove too much for her?

Find out today in this collection of short stories about finding home, going home, and being home. 

Meet The Author

Chioma Nnani writes multicultural fiction for women aged 18+ who aspire to be strong, independent and fulfilled.

An LLB graduate of the University of Kent in Canterbury, Ms Nnani also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Food Law from the De Montfort University in Leicester.

She is a UK BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) Award winner for “Blog of the Year,” and lives in Abuja with her husband.

Connect with the Author:    Goodreads | Instagram
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