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Good day, book people. Can you believe we’re beginning a new month? With all that many folks around the world are going through at the moment, it’s amazing what motivates them through harrowing situations. For some it’s faith, for others it’s family, and for some it might be verse from a religious text or a quote from a favorite person or book. It doesn’t matter what it is that motivates us, we all occasionally need that little something extra to uplift our spirits and help us push through. I’m pleased to welcome P.J. Peterson, the author of One Will Too Many, a Julia Fairchild Mystery, to the blog today. Ms. Peterson will be discussing her favorite motivational quote with us. I hope it motivates you to grab a copy of her latest book (hint, hint). Thank you, Ms. Peterson, for taking the time to join us today. I’ll now turn the blog over to you.

My Favorite Motivational Quote
by PJ Peterson

My favorite motivational quote is a variation of a statement by someone unknown: “A year from now you’ll be glad you started today.” The original quote was “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.” It was in a stack of cards that made up a year’s worth of sayings meant to motivate me, or whomever was reading them.

In a conversation with my adult daughter, she noted that it seemed like a negative statement. I realized she was right and decided to change it to something more positive. Then I printed it in a pretty font and taped it to my laptop where I see it every day.

I tend to be a procrastinator. Give me a deadline and I’ll meet it, but not by much. For years I had told myself something like “Think how good you will feel when you finally” do whatever it is that I had been putting off. I diligently wrote out to-do lists, and the easy tasks got done. It was those items that required more of me than I was willing to tackle at the time that stayed on the list, and the next one, and the next one. My former motivational trick wasn’t working anymore.

Changing those few words has been a life-changer for me in my life as an indie author and self-marketer. Nothing is going to happen unless I initiate an action. No one is going to buy my books if I don’t have a plan to get them in front of their eyes. No one cares about my books as much as I do. The adoring audience in my hometown or my good friends or my (short) mailing list is not enough to sell thousands of books.

So, I remind myself that “a year from now I will be glad I started today.” I schedule a book-sharing event on one of the websites; I schedule a giveaway; I schedule a book blog tour. I hope I see masses of book sales as a result of these steps.

One thing I know for certain is that waiting for people to buy my book if I don’t do anything is a fantasy. I will continue to do my research and learn from others about marketing, doing advertising, and following through.

And a year from now I’ll be glad I started today. ♦

One Will Too Many

by PJ Peterson

March 1-31, 2022 Virtual Book Tour


One Will Too Many by PJ Peterson

A wealthy banker with a long list of secrets dies.

The bizarre crime scene stumps the local police…

… but a young doctor could be the key to solving the case.

Internist Julia Fairchild encounters banker Jay moments too late – the poor man is near death in his own dining room. At first no one can figure out what killed him, but the coroner soon confirms that it was homicide: Jay died of methanol poisoning, and now a murderer is on the loose. Julia knows how to catch a killer and she can cut through the noise like a scalpel through skin. She agrees to help the understaffed police force solve the case, but each clue only complicates her investigation further.

Can Julia dissect the deadly riddle and nail the perp, or will this be the first time a monster succeeds in giving her the slip?

If you love Louise Penny, Kelly Oliver, and PC James, you need this medical mystery! Find out why fans say, “I love the character Julia Fairchild!”

Don’t wait – Click the BUY button now!

Book Details:

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Published by: Finngirl, LLC
Publication Date: December 2021
Number of Pages: 206
ISBN: 9781733567572
ISBN: 9781957127002 (Paperback)
ASIN: B09MT5CRJQ (Kindle edition)
Series: A Julia Fairchild Mystery, #4 || Each is a Stand Alone Novel
Purchase Links #CommissionEarned: | Amazon | Amazon Kindle | Barnes and Noble | | | Goodreads

Author Bio:

PJ Peterson

PJ is a retired internist who enjoyed the diagnostic part of practicing medicine as well as creating long-lasting relationships with her patients. As a child she wanted to be a doctor so she could “help people.” She now volunteers at the local Free Medical Clinic to satisfy that need to help. She loved to read from a young age and read all the Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew books she could find. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she wrote anything longer than short stories for English classes and term papers in others. Writing mysteries only makes sense given her early exposure to that genre. Sprinkling in a little medical mystique makes it all the more fun.

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  1. “A year from now you’ll be glad you started today.” ~ I LOVE IT!
    Note to self – make card with quote and stick to desk!
    Your new book sounds great!
    Thanks for the guest post.

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