Book 146: BLOOD TIES Review

I know I’m repeating myself but I enjoy reading a book that provides suspense, some romance and just a bit of humor and Blood Ties by Sharon Sala provides all three. I’m not talking laugh out loud funny but there are moments that brought a smile to my face as I read about Savannah Slade’s attempts to find out about her birth parents and deal with a motley crew of police officers, attorneys and ex-CIA agents.

Blood Ties is book two in “The Searchers” series by Ms. Sala and the action is concurrent with that of Blood Stains, book one in this series. The premise is that three sisters find out that they are not in fact blood-related upon their father’s death. All three were informally adopted as toddlers when their birth mothers were in dire straits. Savannah’s mother was dying of cancer and her birth father had just died in a car accident when she was taken in by her adoptive father. Now she is searching out the truth of her birth and her birth father’s family is none too pleased with the prospect of sharing their wealth.

Mischief, attempted murder and mayhem ensue. Throughout it all Savannah proves that she is a force to be reckoned with, to the dismay of her birth father’s family. Some of the action may be predictable but this made for a pleasurable read while waiting in doctors’ offices throughout the day (a plus to escorting my elderly parents to physicians’ appointments is I get to catch up on a lot of reading). If you haven’t read Blood Stains, then I suggest you read that before reading Blood Ties just to keep the action in order. I hope that you’ll find them both as enjoyable as I have.