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Good day, book people. I’m pleased to announce that today’s special guest is a return guest and none other than the award-winning journalist and author of the Leah Nash mystery series including the recently released Dangerous Flaws, Susan Hunter. Ms. Hunter will be discussing with us the importance of reaching out to authors with your feedback. Thank you, Ms. Hunter, for taking the time to return to the Book Diva’s Reads today and sharing your thoughts with us, it is greatly appreciated. 

Readers and Writers

For me, and I think for many authors, one of the most fun things about writing is reader engagement. That can come in the form of a review, a response to a blog post, or a comment on social media. Occasionally a reader will run through the discussion questions I put at the end of a book for use by book clubs and send me the answers to each one from his or her perspective. I love to learn those detailed reactions to a story. Actually, all of the outreach from readers is nice—OK, the occasional negative reviews that come with the territory aren’t “nice” exactly, though they are often food for thought. 

But my favorite connection with readers comes from the emails I receive. It’s a very kind gesture for a reader to take time out of a busy day to write a note that says something you did, gave them pleasure. 

Sometimes the notes I receive are gently instructive as in this one, “I think Coop and Leah should get together—but do what you feel you need to.” Sometimes they’re more direct, “I like the series, but you should kill Courtnee, I can’t stand her.” And occasionally, they read as though my mother had written them, “Loved everything about Dangerous Habits, the writing style, the characters & the ending that I did not expect.  We read all the big names, Kellerman, Patterson, Iles, Gerritsen etc., but you rate up there with the best.” Full disclosure, I keep that one in my “save” file and sometimes pull it out when I’ve read a one-star review that was a little brutal.

I feel especially fortunate to have forged a long-distance kinship with a few readers who share with me not only their reactions to my books, but also their favorites written by authors. Sometimes they recommend a good film version of a favorite book. I love it when they share their “a-ha!” moments, when what I’ve written strikes a chord of recognition for them—either because they share a character’s take on a situation, or because they see in one of the characters a resemblance to a friend or relative or work colleague. One reader in particular has been very helpful with her thoughts on character development and an email conversation with her actually gave me the idea for a clue to use in my most recent book Dangerous Flaws.

Perhaps I enjoy the email give and take so much because as a charter member of Introverts International, I’m not by nature a joiner of clubs or striker-up of conversations with strangers. I enjoy social interaction, but outside of public speaking where I don the mantle of a situational extrovert, I prefer one-to-one or small group get-togethers with friends and family. Email exchanges with readers have that nice personal connection I like—plus the added benefit of allowing me to expand my circle of acquaintances without leaving the comforts of my couch.

So, if you read a book that touches you in some way—makes you laugh, or cry, or think “yes, that’s exactly how I feel,”—go ahead and let the author know. Writing can be a lonely profession. Hearing from readers reminds both writer and reader that we’re all in this together. 

Dangerous Flaws by Susan Hunter Banner

Dangerous Flaws

by Susan Hunter

on Tour February 1 – March 31, 2019


Dangerous Flaws by Susan Hunter

A chilling murder shocks a small Wisconsin town.

True crime writer Leah Nash is stunned when police investigating the murder of a beautiful young college professor focus on her ex-husband Nick. Leah has no illusions about her ex, but despite his flaws, she just can’t see him as a killer. Reluctantly, she agrees to help Nick’s attorney prove that he isn’t.

But Nick’s lies make it hard to find the truth, and when a damning piece of evidence surfaces, Leah plunges into doubt. Is she defending an innocent man or helping a murderer escape? She pushes on to find out, uncovering hidden motives and getting hit by twists she never saw coming. Leah’s own flaws impede her search for the truth. When she finds it, will it be too late to prevent a devastating confrontation?

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery
Published by: Himmel River Press
Publication Date: December 11th 2018
Number of Pages: 392
Series: Leah Nash Mysteries, Book 5
Purchase Links: Amazon | Goodreads

Author Bio:

Susan Hunter

Susan Hunter is a charter member of Introverts International (which meets the 12th of Never at an undisclosed location). She has worked as a reporter and managing editor, during which time she received a first-place UPI award for investigative reporting and a Michigan Press Association first place award for enterprise/feature reporting.

Susan has also taught composition at the college level, written advertising copy, newsletters, press releases, speeches, web copy, academic papers, and memos. Lots and lots of memos. She lives in rural Michigan with her husband Gary, who is a man of action, not words.

During certain times of the day, she can be found wandering the mean streets of small-town Himmel, Wisconsin, looking for clues, stopping for a meal at the Elite Cafe, dropping off a story lead at the Himmel Times Weekly, or meeting friends for a drink at McClain’s Bar and Grill.

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