Day 75

I got somewhat of a late start on the actual reading of Dragonwell Dead by Laura Childs, but it was worth the wait…

Another delightful, light tea shop mystery by Ms. Childs. It’s always interesting to see how Theodosia gets hooked into “investigating” happenings (usually murder) around Charleston SC. Of course Indigo Tea Shop, is always front and center as a hangout for friends and tourists. Drayton, her master tea blender, and Haley, the chef and baker, are usually her willing — and sometimes unwilling — accomplices. This does not detract from the action taking place. 
In this story we are introduced to Mark Congdon, a futures broker, and his wife Angie — the owner of a local bed and breakfast. Of course we no sooner meet him then Mark is keeling over with an apparent heart attack. However, it isn’t a heart attack…he’s been poisoned. Theodosia is pulled in because the poison was delivered in her iced tea and due to her friendship with the Congdons. She barely starts her investigation when the B&B burns down due to arson. 
There’s a lot happening in this mystery: murder, arson, possible insurance fraud, orchid envy, and a possible adulterous liaison. All this while Theodosia and Drayton are preparing for an Orchid Society fundraiser. What makes this series work so well is the fact that just when you think you know ‘whodunit,’ the author pulls a fast one and surprises you. These are not predictable mysteries and, for that reason alone, are a worthwhile read…Dragonwell Dead is no exception.

What’s next? Well I’ll be re-reading Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen for an online book group. If you haven’t read any of her books, then you definitely must read this one. Since I’m re-reading this book I don’t think I’ll consider it as book 80. Not quite sure what will be book 80 for this year, but I’ll be double-checking my TBR list to find something suitable. Until then…happy reading!