Book 215: SEERS Review

Kate Bennet has been having a terrible year. A traumatic car accident resulted in both of her parents dying and the injuries she suffered causes her to see auras. She isn’t quite sure what is going on but she knows it probably isn’t good. Heather Frost explores Kate’s new abilities in Seers.

If being a teenager isn’t bad enough, now Kate must deal with the notion that she truly isn’t like everyone else. She also knows that the changes to her are making her relationship with her boyfriend Aaron worse. Aaron doesn’t understand why she’s so distant and she can’t really explain it to him. Enter a new kid at school, Patrick. Kate knows he’s different because his aura isn’t like anyone else. She’s also strangely attracted to him. Patrick just seems to understand her on so many levels. When he reveals that he’s a “Guardian,” basically a guardian angel, and that he’s been sent to protect and guide her things start to make a little more sense. Patrick even warns her of the demons that want to use her abilities for nefarious means. 

Kate is torn between being loyal to Aaron and being true to herself. Kate is still coming to grips with the loss of her parents but Aaron seems to feel she has had months so her grief should be over. Kate knows that she no longer has romantic feelings for Aaron but isn’t quite sure how to break things off. In addition, she and Patrick must also deal with the onslaught of demons in the area. Can Kate and Patrick save Kate’s family and the town from the ongoing evil? Can they ever be more than friends? Why are the demons so interested in her abilities?

Seers is fast-paced YA paranormal romance. Patrick and his friends aren’t typical guardian angels, and it is perhaps this that makes for such an interesting read. Kate’s family isn’t perfect but they do appear to be rather normal in their abnormality. Kate’s grandparents have moved in to raise Kate and her sisters. This scenario seems to follow along with modern society as family is no longer just parents raising children but might be grandparents raising grandchildren or aunts/uncles raising nieces and nephews, etc. Seers appears to be the first in a series so look for more from Kate and Patrick in the future.

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