Book 209: REVERB Review

James had a relatively happy childhood with plenty of loving memories of his mother and step-father. His parents nurtured his musical talents. Music became his escape after his mom and step-father’s death and then became his life. What follows is an odyssey into self-discovery filled with suspense and romance in Reverb by J. Cafesin.

James has never been close to his father or half-brother, even though he lived with them after his mother and step-father’s deaths. He left his father’s home in the UK as soon as he could in order to explore his musical talents and work the way he wanted. He has built a successful career as a composer and musician, but he knows that he’s living life on the edge. He slows down just enough to attend his half-brother’s funeral. However, his father suspects that he is abusing drugs just like his brother and may wind up dead. In an effort to “save” his son, he plants drugs on him and arranges for him to be arrested at the airport and sent to a rehabilitation facility. Unfortunately this was possibly the worst thing he could have done. James is attacked in the rehab facility. He fights back to defend his own life and winds up taking a life. Again an unfortunate turn of events because this was the son of a judge, who in turn sentences James to a mental hospital. James spends two years being tortured and abused before escaping, leaving the UK and returning to the US. He eventually makes it to the Greek island of Corfu where he plans to live a life of solitude and simplicity.

Elizabeth is a young widow with a young son. Her husband was killed in Israel. She knows she could return to the US and the support of her family but she escapes and winds up on Corfu, renting a cottage on property owned by James. Elizabeth and her son Cameron wind up coaxing James from his shell and help him to overcome some of the psychological scars that remain from his incarceration. Elizabeth has her own psychological battles to overcome as she struggles to reconcile her past with her present, focusing on Cameron and James. Can James and Elizabeth build a new life together and will the ghosts from their pasts continue to haunt them? Will James ever truly be free since he is considered an escapee?

Ms. Cafesin provides a fast-paced psychological thriller with a hint of romance in Reverb. James has lead a pretty selfish and insular existence even though he was an acclaimed composer and musician. Elizabeth wasn’t so much selfish as she was a follower, subjugating her desires and needs for those of her deceased husband. Although she is selfless in wanting what is best for her son, she has also come to realize that she needs to focus on herself in order to be a better parent to Cameron. Both Elizabeth and James cause a rebound or reset in one another’s lives, and that is precisely the meaning of the term reverb in its purest sense.

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