Book 230: HIDE FROM EVIL Review

Krista Slater believes strongly in right and wrong. Her job as a prosecuting attorney allows her the opportunity to see that bad guys receive their just punishment. Krista also knows that when the system fails it must be corrected at all costs. She worked hard to have Sean Flynn exonerated and released from prison when it was determined that he hadn’t committed any murders and was in fact set up. Now she realizes that there is much more going on than a string of murders. Krista and Sean must work together and search for the truth in Hide From Evil by Jami Alden.

Krista’s boss and mentor, wants her to drop her investigation into the murders. The responsible party is dead and the innocent man has been released. But Krista knows that all is not as it appears. When her investigator helps her to set up an interview with a potential witness, Krista is excited. When her witness reportedly kills himself she knows she’s onto something, but what? The person that may have the answers is unfortunately the person she put behind bars, Sean Flynn. Sean is trying to adjust to life out of prison. It doesn’t matter than he has been completely exonerated and freed; to some people he’ll always be guilty of something. He’s living a quiet life in the country until the day Krista shows up. When her car won’t start and there’s no place in town for her to stay, he does the right thing and tries to take her to the closest hotel. Things are going as well as can be expected until someone tries to kill them. To make matters worse they are “arrested” and turned over to their would-be killers. Krista and Sean escape but now Sean is a fugitive wanted for killing a police officer and kidnaping . . . kidnaping Krista.

With little actual information and no one to trust in the system, Sean turns to an old Army buddy, Tomas Ibarra. Ibarra helps them hide and seek out documentation in their quest for the truth. It appears that there are police, judges, and attorneys involved in the corruption but is the Russian mob behind it all or are there other players? What follows is a fast-paced game of cat-and-mouse, where Sean and Krista try to catch the killers before the killers catch them.

Hide From Evil is a fast romantic suspense read. Sean and Krista are likeable and realistic characters with a variety of flaws. Sean’s goal is to protect his sister and Krista from any possible harm or danger. Krista wants to find the truth and protect Sean, since he’s already suffered from being falsely accused and imprisoned. Neither is looking for romantic attachments, but they are both very aware of their attraction to one another. Is it only a physical attraction or something much more? Although most of the bad guys are known throughout the latter half of the story, the extent of their involvement in politics, government and the police isn’t known. This only adds to the drama because it appears that there is no one that Sean and Krista can really trust in their quest for the truth. Hide From Evil is a nice romantic suspense read that may be perfect for a lazy fall afternoon.

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Megan and Sean Flynn are sister and brother that have survived losing their parents as children. Now they must survive Sean’s death penalty conviction for rape and murder. Megan knows that her brother is innocent but even Sean’s best friends have their doubts and attest to this in court. It doesn’t help that Megan’s boyfriend, Cole Williams, a detective on the Seattle Police Department, is the arresting officer. Sean finally gives up on the entire appeal process and is determined to stoically face the death penalty. Megan refuses to give up and knows that there is more to this murder than meets the eye. Just when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, Megan’s juvenile advocate client comes across a dead body and Cole re-enters Megan’s life. Sparks fly between the two old lovers but is it love or hate? Will she uncover the truth in time to save Sean’s life? The clock is literally counting down…

Intrigue abounds in this romantic thriller by Jami Alden. Most of the thrills are centered around Megan’s amateur investigation into her brother’s conviction. Her investigation stumbles upon an underground prostitution ring with loose ties to a serial murderer and this provides most of the suspense. Megan’s actions are credible because most of us are willing to do whatever it takes to legally protect and fight for family. The romantic aspect of this thriller is only truly apparent in the beginning of the story with the burgeoning romance between Cole and Megan. Regrettably their romance dies a sudden and horrible death when he arrests her brother. The mystery and suspense aspects were somewhat predictable towards the end, but this did not detract from the overall storyline or my reading pleasure.

As a romantic thriller, this was a little light on the romance but the thrills were abundant. Ms. Alden has provided a well-written and quick read that I expect will be perfect for weekend or summer beach reading. Beg For Mercy is scheduled to be released on June 1st.

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