2012 Book 195: EVE AND ADAM Review

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate
ISBN: 9780312583514
Publication date: October 2, 2012
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

In the beginning, there was an apple.

 And then there was a car crash, a horrible, debilitating injury, and the hospital. But before Evening Spiker could even lift her head out of the fog of unconsciousness, there was a strange boy checking her out of the hospital and rushing her to Spiker Biopharmaceuticals — her mother’s research facility. Just when Eve thinks she will die — not from her injuries, but from boredom — her mother gives her a special project: Create the perfect boy. 

Using an amazingly detailed simulation that her mother claims is designed to teach human genetics, Eve starts building a boy from the ground up: eyes, hair, muscles, even a brain, and potential personality traits. Eve is creating Adam. And he will be just perfect…won’t he?

Evening, E.V. or Eve, Spiker’s life was fairly uneventful until the day she was walking, texting and obsessing about an apple seen at a local grocer’s and then gets hit by a streetcar. One of her legs is severed, a hand is crushed and she suffers severe internal injuries: losing her spleen and a rib has to be removed. She awakens after her lifesaving surgery only to find her mother, Terra Spiker, arguing with the doctor and a strange boy in her room. Soon she is removed from the hospital and transported to her mother’s research facility. The one time she looks in a mirror she is appalled to see the bruising and stitches on her face, and her leg and hand wrapped up like a mummy. She is very well cared for at Spiker Bio but an assortment of physicians, nurses and physical therapists, but she is bored out of her mind and thinking about all of the things she’s missing at school: exams, assignments, and even the prom.

She eventually sees the strange boy from the hospital, Solo, at Spiker but doesn’t really get the opportunity to interact with him for prolonged periods of time. She realizes it is strange that a teenage boy is at Spiker but thinks he’s maybe some kind of child prodigy and works there. After complaining to her mother about her boredom, she is given a computer project . . . create the perfect human using a virtual genetics program. Eve thinks this is a little strange, but she thinks hard about the attributes her human will have and eventually decides to create a male. Her best friend Aislin even provides a name for her creation, Adam.

Eve doesn’t know a lot about what her mother and the company does, but she does know that Spiker does a lot of good with orphan diseases. She knows that many of the employees are terrified by her mother, thus the nickname Terror Spiker, and she feels that everything may not be legitimate but she doesn’t really have any proof, except for the knowledge of what has been done to her personally. That is until Solo, her mother’s ward and son of Terra’s deceased business partners, shows Eve what’s really going on at Spiker and reveals what’s been done to her. Will Eve be able to turn her mother in to the authorities? What will happen to Eve and Spiker as a result? What will happen to Solo? How far does the genetic modification on humans go?

Mr. Grant and Ms. Applegate have provided an amazing YA thriller with Eve and Adam. Some of the science may seem to be more science fiction, but it rings true on some levels. Eve is a rather naive teenager in some respects, but this is partially due to her somewhat sheltered and neglected upbringing. Her best friend, Aislin, is trouble with a capital “T”, but their friendship works even with all of the drama Aislin brings. Solo seems to be quiet and shy, but turns out to be anything but shy. All of the characters are well developed and very realistic primarily due to their quirks. The story has a few twists and unexpected turns that keep the reader guessing as to what will happen next. Just when you think you know where the story is going, surprise! Another tool that the author’s use in presenting the story is to switch perspectives between Eve, Solo and even Adam (yes, he’s real but read the book to find out more). Eve and Adam is a quick read that kept my attention from beginning to end. I was a little disappointed with the ending until I saw that there is another book coming, Adam and Eve . . . can’t wait to read it.

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