Character Guest Post: LOVE, LIES, AND AZURE EYES by Janis Thornton

Good day, book people. I’m always happy to welcome authors and other book people and today I have a special treat for us all. Today’s guest is stepping off of the pages of the newly released paranormal romantic suspense read Love, Lies, and Azure Eyes by Janis Thornton, I bid you welcome Annie Sinclair. Thank you, Annie, for taking time away from your writing and other enterprises to spend some time with us today.

Hello. I’m Annie Sinclair, a West Coast-based, single, 43-year-old struggling writer. Pleased to meet you. I’ve been back in my tiny, Indiana home town for two weeks, which is one week longer than I intended when I boarded my flight at LAX. I hadn’t visited Logan Point for five years and should have been riddled with guilt about not seeing my dad for that long. But Charlie Sinclair isn’t exactly Ward Cleaver and, to be honest, I wouldn’t have made the trip back at all had he not called me two-and-a-half weeks ago and asked me to come home — his treat. He said he had “bidness” to conduct with me and would only do it in person. What could I say? It sounded important. I thought maybe he was getting remarried. My mom’s been dead five years, which seems like a respectable amount of time for any man to wait, especially one so helpless that he can’t butter his toast without a woman showing him which side. When he finally did talk to me about his “bidness,” I was ashamed of my cavalier absence from his life. 

On the other hand, this trip back to Logan Point has not been without its advantages, I must admit. As a freelance journalist, my livelihood depends on landing lucrative assignments. Lucky for me, the same day Charlie called, I also heard from the editor of Now magazine, one of the better tabloids lining the checkout aisle at your favorite supermarket. The editor offered me a nice chunk of change for a three-part series about small-town folklore, and I knew immediately I would kick it off with a story about the legendary ghost that haunts the curve on the highway just outside of Logan Point. 

The ghost is supposedly my high school classmate, Shelayne Goodnight, who was murdered at the curve 25 years ago, during our senior year. Her mysterious death had never been solved, but as soon as I started the research, strange things began happening. 

For example, the Logan Point Ledger’s new editor, Scott Wayne, a veteran newspaperman transplanted from Chicago, walked into my life. The first time we met, I pegged him as a jerk. The second time we met, he thought I was the jerk. The third time we met, we fell in love.

Then I came face to face with Johnny Lange, a boy I’d known in school. Seeing him again was a real shock, since he had lost his life in a car crash at the curve 25 years before, just five months after Shelayne died. He had been the prime suspect in Shelayne’s murder, and after he died, everyone in town believed he had gotten his due — which is why he popped in that night, scared the spit out of me, and begged me to help prove his innocence. According to Afterlife regulations, only spirits with a clean bill of sale can ascend into heaven, so Johnny desperately needed to clear his name so he could move on.

And then, the third strange occurrence was an appearance by Shelayne herself. Evidently, Afterlife rules also allow murder victims to come back to escort the soul of their killers to the other side, which is why she had returned. And while I won’t tell you who she accompanied across the goal line, I will say, it wasn’t Johnny. 

I also had the opportunity to be reunited with my first love, Carter McKuen, and to be reminded why I broke up with him when I went off to college and never looked back. And finally, I mended some hurtful misunderstandings with my girlhood best pal, Dorinda Duncan, whom I hadn’t seen for at least two decades. I’d like to say she hadn’t changed one bit, but she had. She’d become a disingenuous, scheming fraud. 

So, this is where my story has taken me, and I can hardly wait to see how things turn out. If you’d like to join me, my book is available as an ebook for just $3.99. But if you sign up for the giveaway, you might win it! If this is any enticement, I can assure you, my story has a happy ending.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you a bit about Love, Lies, and Azure Eyes

Love, Lies, and Azure Eyes

by Janis Thornton

About the Book

Love, Lies, and Azure Eyes
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC (June 12, 2019)
Print Length: 267 pages

Elated by Annie’s response, Johnny caved to his impulse and pressed his mouth to her sweet lips, sparking a surge of electricity that ricocheted through his entire body, and for one glorious moment swept him up in a wave of emotion that meteorically whisked him to the edge of the universe, past swirling spirals of brightly burning stars — white dwarfs, red giants, entire galaxies. Caught in the rapture, he shed his cocoon of darkness and experienced the light — the wonderful, warm, life-affirming light. He reveled in it, felt alive. He almost believed he was. Almost.

* * *

West Coast journalist Annie Sinclair’s career, not to mention her love life, has been on the skids far too long, when she returns to Logan Point, her small, Indiana hometown. She’s back to make amends with her elderly father, and to delve into the 25-year-old, unsolved murder of her high school classmate for a writing gig with a national tabloid.

Annie’s plans soon go awry, and her mettle is tested — first when her father warns her against digging into the past; and again, when she meets the Logan Point Ledger’s handsome, but exasperating, new editor; and again still, when she reconnects with her first love, who clearly wants to rekindle what once was.

But Annie’s most arduous test appears in the form of the earthbound spirit of a boy she once knew — the boy with the azure eyes accused of the murder she is looking into. He needs her to prove his innocence, so he can break the ties that bind him to the darkness. In exchange, he will set Annie free to realize that the love she yearns for is just within her reach … if only she will open her heart.

About the Author

Janis Thornton is the author of a true crime/oral history/memoir, Too Good a Girl, as well as two cozy mysteries, Dust Bunnies & Dead Bodies and Dead Air & Double Dares. She also is the author of two local history books and contributor to Undeniably Indiana. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, the Authors Guild, and the Indianapolis Writers Center. She lives in her Indiana hometown in the same house where she grew up.

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