Arthur Beautyman is back (Arthur made his initial appearance in The Saint’s Go Dying). Unfortunately he’s no longer a police officer. Arthur is living in the basement of his mother’s house in Minneapolis. For six months he has felt sorry for himself and done basically nothing. But now he’s been forced to accept a case as a private investigator on behalf of one his mother’s friends in The Marinara Murders by Erik Hanberg.

Fortunately for Arthur this is not a typical case. Mrs. Diamond doesn’t want Arthur to find a murderer; she only wants to discover where her grandson has been for the past three years. Why is this so important? Because her grandson was declared dead three years ago but his body only recently discovered revealing he had just died. Arthur doesn’t want to disappoint his mother so he accepts the case. What follows is a wild and topsy-turvy but fast-paced ride along with Arthur as he investigates Jakes’ disappearance. Little does Arthur know that this investigation will place him in dangerous situations and reveal more intrigue and possible murders from the past.

Arthur is slightly more comical, not as obsessed, and just a tad more likeable in The Marinara Murders. Seeing him work with and around his mother is at times funny as well as sad. The cast of characters in The Marinara Murders is eclectic to say the least, and includes the Diamond family (can we say dysfunctional), Detective Holst, members of Hmong community and more. This was a quick, but great read filled with a little humor, some drama and plenty of suspense. The Marinara Murders has just been released, so don’t hesitate to get a copy today . . . you will not be disappointed.

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