GRAB(ook) Club Discussion: MEASURE OF LOVE by Melissa Ford

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy reading and participating in book clubs. I belong to two local book groups and have tried to participate in a variety of online book groups of the years. Regrettably the online book group participation has never seemed to work out due to time constraints, etc. Well, author Melissa Ford is offering something a little different. The GRAB(ook) Club has each member post one question related to the book of the month, the June book is Ms. Ford’s Measure of Love, and then club members hop from one blog to another, reading and answering questions. 

I’ve read, enjoyed, and reviewed both of Ms. Ford’s books:  Life from Scratch and Measure of Love. One of the many things I’ve enjoyed is the complexity of the male-female relationships as well as the female-female relationships. In Life from Scratch, we see Rachel and Adam divorcing and Rachel attempting to move on with her life. She becomes quite dependent on her best friend Arianna as her support system while she searches for balance as a newly single woman. By the end, Rachel is pretty confident in herself and her new found abilities (namely cooking and blogging) and winds up back with her ex. In Measure of Love, we see Rachel and Adam in a new committed relationship and eager to build a new life together. Ms. Ford shows that it isn’t as easy in fiction as in real life. So here’s my question: 

Do you have any serious regrets about any of your past breakups? If so and you’re single/divorced/widowed, etc., do you wish that you could start again with that ex? Please post your response by commenting.

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