When I first read that this book involved the story of an angel, Gabriel or Gabe Horn, and demon, Lucifer or Lou Cypher, in Las Vegas, I thought “no way.” Then I began reading and thought “okay this might work.” Keith Darrell has provided a tongue-in-cheek, humorous read about this angel-demon duo in Paved with Good Intentions. They are both sent to earth to fulfill a mission and fail. Rather than dealing with the possible repercussions of their failure by returning to Heaven and Hell, they decide to stay on earth and head to Vegas.

I laughed while reading about the exploits of this dynamic duo. Their sexcapades result in Cory Evian and Violet Adams, a few others, being expelled from their dormitory, Eden Hall. Yes, that’s Adams and Evian being expelled from Eden. This is the action that causes Gabe and Lou’s decision to stay on earth and relocate to Vegas. While in Vegas their exploits continue, but this time Gabe and Lou are playing at being private investigators. They meet shamans, dreamwalkers, vampires and trampires, witches – Morgana le Fay and Samantha Twitch, and warlocks – Perry Hotter, Merlin and Mordred. 

I can appreciate any novel that makes me laugh and this made me laugh. Even better, Mr. Darrell evoked the desire to want to learn more about the characters and cheer them on during their exploits. The story slowed a few times with all of the action and subplots going on but it usually picked up again after a few pages. I may not be sure of how to classify this in terms of genre but I can definitely say I liked it. 

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