Bookish Ramblings

I’m sorry to say I missed both the Books by the Banks festival in Cincinnati, Ohio AND the West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston WV last weekend. Yes it was another series of migraine headaches, and yes I’m pretty bummed about missing both events. I’m especially disappointed in missing the West Virginia Book Festival after reading the following blog entry about Lee Child and his Jack Reacher novels: 
Thanks to Ms. Maguire I’ll be adding the Jack Reacher series to my mountainous TBR list. (BTW, Ms. Maguire is one of the leaders of the CTC Mall Book Group with Ms. Blessing. Both are employees of the Kanawha County Public Library and have done a wonderful job at the last two book club meetings.) Have you read any Jack Reacher novels? If so, what are your thoughts?

Today was the second meeting of the Charleston Town Center (CTC) Mall Book Group. This group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. in the Community Room at Panera in the mall. We just discussed Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (an excellent book; if you haven’t read it then get it, read it or at least add it to your TBR list). Although the book deals with some harrowing and distressing historical events, it is done so in a respectful manner that ends with a sense of hopefulness despite our history of cruelty and intolerance toward one another. Of course I’ve had to also add all of Ms. de Rosnay’s books (or at least those books available in English) to my TBR list . . . I think the online list is over 300 books long. I’m sad to say that not all of Ms. de Rosnay’s books are available in English. (I knew I should have worked harder at studying French in high school and college all those years ago.)

Next month’s CTC Mall Book Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 23rd. The book we’ll be discussing is A Parchment of Leaves by Silas House. If you’re interested and work in or near Charleston WV, please join us.

Since the migraine headaches appear to have eased a bit (diminished but not gone), I’ve got to get back to reading.


More Ramblings and Weekend Plans

I haven’t forgotten about you…I’ve been busy reading and will be posting reviews of Heart of Evil by Heather Graham, The Canary List by Sigmund Brouwer, and Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart over the weekend. I’m currently reading The Evil Inside by Heather Graham (release date 08/30/2011) and hope to have the review up this weekend as well.

Regrettably a series of migraine headaches slowed me down this week so the reviews are a little slower to post. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on these reads with you, especially The Canary List.

Other than reading and writing reviews, my weekend plans include a quick drive down to Beckley WV to visit the Library of Congress Gateway to Knowledge traveling exhibit. The exhibit will be available at the Raleigh County Public Library in Beckley from 9-5 today and tomorrow. This wonderful exhibit has traveled across the US and provided the opportunity to learn about the history of the Library, view facsimiles of a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, and more. If you’re in the area don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

What are your plans this weekend? Hopefully it includes reading!


Well fellow readers it was a strange and not-so-wonderful weekend here in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. As with most of the US, we got hit with the heat wave and this was followed by severe thunderstorms. If you’re not familiar with our beautiful state, it is quite mountainous and we have trees galore. There are homes along hillsides, atop hillsides and between hillsides throughout the state. And all along and beside those houses are trees, lots and lots of trees. Unfortunately when the winds are too strong or lightning strikes are a little too close to the ground this can make for disastrous situations with downed trees resulting in downed power lines. We jokingly say that in our area if too much rain falls the power goes out, if the wind blows the power goes out, if snow falls the power goes out… 

Now the storm came through on Friday evening but for some reason our power decided to stay on until mid-Saturday, during the middle of another heat surge. Then, adding insult to injury, our local electrical provider stated that the power couldn’t be restored until Monday, 07/25/2011 by 6:00 PM ET (maybe earlier).  So long story short (I know – too late), we had no power, no breezes, 90+ temperatures with heat indices in the 100s and we’re told the power would not be restored for 2 more days, so we hightailed it off to a hotel for a few days. This was pretty much a necessity since my parents are elderly (both are in their late 70s and my father is in frail health due to mini-strokes and stage 4 kidney disease) and they obviously couldn’t stay home in those conditions. And with me being the eldest (and only daughter), it was decided that I should accompany them to ensure they had no problems for the duration. Thankfully, the power was restored before 6:00 PM yesterday and we were able to return to our homes. I could now enjoy the A/C in the privacy of my own home, listen to Vivaldi a little too loud, and get back online and in touch with my fellow readers (I missed you).

The good thing about this past weekend was that I got to read while elder-sitting. I hope to post reviews in the next few days for the books recently finished: Heart of Evil by Heather Graham (yes I read the books out of order…sorry) and Counting From Zero by Alan B. Johnston. I’m currently reading Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart. Upcoming reads include: The Evil Inside by Heather Graham, Shoe Strings by Christy Hayes and Divine Intervention by Cheryl Kaye Tardif. Until next time, happy reading!