Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Due to chronic health issues [daily migraine headaches and vision problems associated with daily migraine headaches] as well as family health issues [elderly parent medical problems], I’m only accepting a limited number of new requests for reviews. These accepted review requests are associated with authors, book tour companies, publishers, and/or publicists that I have a longstanding relationship with and are, as previously mentioned, limited. [updated: January 8, 2023]
Basic Review Submissions Guidelines
1.  Please email all requests to Vivian at BookDivasReads[at]gmail[dot]com.
2.  In your email, please include the title, author, and a short synopsis (or a link to a page about the book).
3. I read and review from a variety of different fiction genres including Contemporary Fiction, Legal Thrillers, Medical Thrillers, Mystery, Psychological Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, Romance, Inspirational Fiction, Suspense, and Thrillers. Please DO NOT submit a request for a book that is not classified in any of these genres. I DO NOT review poetry, short story collections, erotica, science fiction, fantasy, YA, NA, or paranormal. I may read nonfiction in the following areas only: Aromatherapy, Perfumery, Tea, and Islam and Muslims (the latter preferably written by Muslims) but do not, as a general rule, review nonfiction. Any review request that does not adhere to these restrictions will be rejected. 
4.  The preferred format for review submissions is digital in Kindle format (Kindle ebooks can be sent, after the review request has been accepted ONLY, to BookDivasReads[at]kindle[dot]com). I can also use EPUB and PDF formats. At this time, I’m the only person that will be reading and reviewing the book. Print copies are accepted and will only be approved on a case by case status.
5.  I DO accept indie, small press, and/or author-published books. 
6. Please DO NOT send a digital copy of your book until after I’ve agreed to accept it for review purposes. 
My Review Policy
1.  I am honest about my feelings about what I read. If the book isn’t liked I’m going to say that, but I’ll try and do it tactfully. (If I can’t finish a book, for whatever reason, I’ll notify the author/publicist/publisher as quickly as possible with an explanation for not being able to provide a review.)
2.  If I receive an advance reader copy of a book before the publication date, then I will make every effort to have the review posted prior to the release date or on any date agreed upon between myself and the author/publicist (this is subject to personal emergencies and whatnot). If no date is agreed upon then the review may post upon completion of the reading to the best of my abilities.
3.  Any book I receive after the publication date gets added to the review stack and I will get to it in the order it’s been received.
4.  I will read a book in a series, however, I prefer reading a series from the beginning. If the novel is a part of a series and is new to me, then I generally will read the previous novels (if fewer than 2) before the newer book so I’m not coming into the middle of a story arc. If the novel is part of a series and is new to me BUT is part of a longer series (book 4 or higher), I may refuse to read and review it. Why? Simply because time does not permit reading all of the previous titles in preparation for reading and reviewing the newer title.
5.  Reviews are usually posted within 6-8 weeks unless otherwise specified and/or agreed upon. I post reviews on my blog,, and Links to and/or notices of reviews are generally posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. If commercial site submissions are required, please let me know when providing the book.
Other Information 
1.  Reviews based on print copies may take slightly longer to post than those based on digital copies. 
2.   Sending a book for review without prior communication does not guarantee a review and I will not send the book back if I do not review it.
3.  If an author/publisher does not like one of my reviews then I’m sorry for your disappointment but the review will stand (editing for inaccuracies is available on a case-by-case basis). All reviews reflect my honest opinion. I do not back down from this policy.
4.  If for any reason, an ARC is sent for review and major revisions have occurred since it was mailed, it is up to the author/publicist/publisher to send me a revised copy otherwise the review will be based on what I have.
5.  I promise to never, ever sell or otherwise distribute any electronic copy provided to me for review purposes. Print copies will never be sold but may be given away after the publication date.
6.  I do not use a rating system on my blog but will use the system in place on sites such as,, etc.
7.  All reviews are copyrighted by The Book Diva’s Reads. Permission to re-post any review will be granted to the author and/or publisher of the work reviewed and only with a link back to the original blog post.
8.  I DO NOT accept guest post submissions from anyone other than authors of books I’m reviewing/promoting, fellow book bloggers, and/or others in the book industry such as publishers, book publicists, etc.

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